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How is caffeine removed and extracted from your decaffeinated instant coffee? Are there any other ingredients or solvents in them?

We have two decaffeinated instant coffee blends - Original Decaffeinated and Gold Decaffeinated. 

For the Decaf Gold, we use a solvent-based (DCM) method for decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans. As a solvent, we use methylene chlorida to remove caffeine. This process is noted for maintaining more of the original flavor of the coffee beans than many other methods. In this process, the coffee beans are soaked in hot water to extract much of the caffeine from the beans. 

The beans are removed from the water and then the methylene chloride solvent is added to bond with the caffeine. In the extracting vessel, dichloromethane is circulated around the water soaked beans for extracting the caffeine. Then the mixture of DCM and caffeine is drained from the extracting vessel. The extraction step is repeated several times, until the residual caffeine content is at or below the legal maximum level of 0.1% in coffee beans.

There are no other ingredients or solvents.

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