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What should be the roasting?

It is believed that coffee should be brewed on freshly roasted grain. As a rule, these are grains fried at least four days ago, but no more than six weeks. If more than 40 days have passed since roasting, then the aroma is already beginning to fade, the taste becomes less complete and multifaceted, and the coffee variety and its origin cease to play such an important role.

There are no uniform roasting standards, experts are guided by their taste and global trends.

Coffee is roasted in special roasters, and the taste of the grain strongly depends on the degree of roasting. Conservative Italian style is considered to be very dark roasting, such grain has a pronounced bitterness and a very primitive palette of flavors, since the longer the grain is fried, the more oils are burned. Scandinavian is considered to be the lightest style of roasting — this is how specialty grain is usually fried. This coffee is characterized by sourness, balance, less intense, but more multifaceted taste. Simply put, the darker the roasting, the lower the acidity of the coffee, the more pronounced bitterness and the taste palette is already.
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