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Coffee glisse from Tastle Coffee

Dinner was awesome but something was missing! What is it? A tea? No! Maybe a coffee. Yeah, Coffee! For coffee lovers, this recipe present an amazing coffee dessert.

Making coffee glisse is so simple and repeatable that every cup is consistent and produces the same amount of foam every time. The texture is smooth, as we have eliminated the bitterness you often get with coffee.

This recipe came from France, and they used this to increase their chances of winning a cycling race. It is named Coffee Glisse, and it is made up of a mixture of coffee and alcohol. It adds to the alertness of the bikers and reduces fatigue.

Dessert variations are up in the food industry, and much attraction is grabbed after coffee desserts. Let's jump straight to the recipe.



  • Tastlé Gold freeze dried coffee for medium roast or Tastlé Platimun expresso freeze dried coffee for dark roast.

  • Sugar (granulated, and you may add brown sugar instead)

  • Vanilla Ice cream (It is not optional)

  • Optional: Henessy Cognac - 2 tbsp (can be non-alcoholic)

  • Optional toppings: Almonds, hazelnuts, coconut flakes




Make coffee separately, and then pour it into the serving cup or glass. Add sugar (white or brown as preferred). Vanilla ice cream will have its sweetness so be cautious while adding these ingredients. Let the sugar dissolve properly, and the coffee will still be hot, so refrigerate it. Keep the coffee in the fridge for some hours. You may follow this procedure in the pan, and then after cooling, serve it in tail glasses or mugs. After pouring the coffee, top it with vanilla ice cream. Use other optional toppings as well if you like to, including almonds, hazelnuts and coconut flakes. You can also add cognac to the vanilla ice cream.




  1. Can I use chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla ice cream?


Vanilla ice cream is counted as an important ingredient and should be preferred among other ice cream flavors. The suggested recipe is basic, but if you want to try any fusions, you may. You can also use whipped cream or try chocolate ice cream.


  1. Can I use icing sugar on the top and avoid sugar mixing in the coffee?


Yes, you may use icing sugar. Not everyone likes to add sugar to coffee. So, it is up to you whether you add granulated sugar or icing sugar. You can also omit adding sugar, since vanilla ice cream is also sweet.


  1. Can I serve hot coffee? Is refrigeration a must?


Yes, refrigeration is a must. If you don't refrigerate your coffee then the ice cream will melt and the coffee glisse will lose its consistency. Cooling coffee at room temperature won't be enough, so don't skip refrigeration.


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