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Myths about coffee

- Causes dehydration
- Helps to sober up
- Causes addiction
- The harm of coffee with milk

Causes dehydration
Many people, including some doctors, still believe that after a cup of an invigorating drink, you need to drink a glass of water. In fact, this is not the case. Each cup is included in the total volume of liquid needed daily by a person. And there is no need to forcibly pour water into yourself. As usual, be guided by thirst. The diuretic effect is more typical for beginners. If you drink coffee regularly in moderation, you are unlikely to feel something like this. When using high doses of caffeine, there will really be a sharp increase in urine. But high doses are not recommended under any circumstances. Read also: How much water you really need to drink: doctors' opinion
Helps to sober up
This opinion is also erroneous. Caffeine, deceiving the brain, is able to give a feeling of sobriety. That is, a person has the illusion of sobriety, as a result, he drinks even more alcohol. Or, for example, believes that he is able to get behind the wheel. According to statistics, such people are more likely to get into accidents. There is also such a belief that coffee with cognac has some special effect at low pressure. This is another myth. There is no scientific evidence that there is any benefit in this.
Causes addiction
Coffee is incapable of causing addiction in the sense that many people put into it. Its effect is incomparable with alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Nevertheless, the "withdrawal syndrome" is described, and it can be accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms as decreased performance, irritability, headache, trembling in the hands. Everyone can cope with this on their own, you just need to endure.
The harm of coffee with milk
The myth that coffee with milk is harmful because these products are incompatible is also common. According to the recommendations of doctors and scientists, it can be drunk with milk and cream. A matter of taste. It doesn't do any harm. The only thing is that milk and other additives increase the calorie content of the drink. With problems with the gastrointestinal tract, a drink with milk is sometimes even better tolerated.
Coffee is the most useful product. Every year scientists present us with more and more arguments in his favor. If you love it, then there is practically no reason to refuse a fragrant and invigorating drink. And if not, then you can always find a replacement to your liking.

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