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Iced coffee from Tastle

Can't get started on a bright morning? Coffee is the answer for you. A warm cup of coffee will make your day better and will give you the motivation to compete in life’s everyday challenges. There are many benefits to drinking coffee, and everyone has a different taste for it. But have you tried iced coffee? If you haven't then it's time to try it. This blog is all about the recipe for iced coffee.


The recipe for iced coffee is a hot topic of the day. It seems to be the only topic that's hot for the next few months. The reason for this is that iced coffee is a drink that people are willing to spend anything to get their hands on. It's refreshing, and best of all, it has caffeine.


It is a unique iced coffee recipe and is so delicious that you'll be grabbing a second glass. It will take 10 minutes to prepare. Let’s jump straight to the recipe.


Iced coffee from instant Tastle coffee



  • Instant Coffee - 2 tsp

  • Sugar (can be white sugar or brown sugar) - 1 tsp

  • Hot water - 3 tsp

  • Cold milk - 6 fluid ounces




  • In the coffee making jar, add all the ingredients excluding milk at this stage. Now, tightly close the lid of the jar and keep shaking until bubbles appear and the texture gets foamy.


  • Now take a glass and put some ice in it. Pour the foamy coffee into the ice glass. Add milk in the glass now and fill the glass.


  • You may adjust ingredients as per taste.




  1. Does iced coffee mean cold coffee?


Regular hot coffee is used as an ingredient in the recipe of iced coffee. When regular hot coffee is cooled, then it is served iced. Hence, it is the same cold coffee but contains a sufficient amount of ice cubes for the final touches.


Often, half milk is added to the coffee before and then after the coffee is cold. It is a different serving trend. Some people prefer adding sugar to iced coffee for a sweeter taste.


To sweeten iced coffee, the appropriate method is to add syrucp as it readily dissolves in the liquid.


  1. Can I use cold water for iced coffee?


No, you should use hot water. Warm water allows better extraction of the coffee beans. If you use cold water, it is cold brew coffee, and it tastes different from iced coffee.

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