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What is good about instant coffee

A cup of fresh coffee in the morning is as important as brushing your teeth. We love it in our homes, offices and college campuses. And some of us can't live without it. The interesting thing here is that it's no longer just a drink. Coffee is a lifestyle statement. It is a culture. And let's admit it: it's also a business.


Instant coffee has been around for a long time. This blog looks at what is good about instant coffee. The instant coffee industry has expanded beyond the confines of your kitchen, with the availability and popularity of instant coffee in offices and workplaces.

Why instant coffee is good?


Let’s explore why instant coffee is good and why it should be preferred.


Instant Coffee and The Brain


Coffee is a healthy supplement to improve brain functioning. Instant coffee boosts your concentration levels, and you can stay active for longer. Depression subsides after coffee intake and, mental health improves.


Antioxidants dose in Instant Coffee

Instant coffee contains antioxidants, which are either flavonoids or polyphenols, while regular coffee contains flavonoids and polyphenols along with other antioxidation agents. It has a very positive effect and prevents our cells from being damaged by free radicals present in the blood.

These compounds can reduce cholesterol levels and lower the risk for cardiovascular disease - researchers believe that this high antioxidant content may be responsible for many of coffee's beneficial effects. Moreover, one standard cup of instant coffee contains only 7 calories and small amounts of potassium, magnesium, and niacin.

The low Caffeine content in Instant Coffee

Caffeine is a widely-consumed stimulant around the globe, but its major dietary source is coffee. Instant coffee has slightly less caffeine than regular coffee since few of the natural ingredients have been removed. However, if you don't metabolize as much caffeine, instant coffee may be more appealing to your taste buds!

Most instant coffees also come in decaf varieties – with even LESS caffeine! While too much caffeine can cause anxiety, disrupted sleep, restlessness, dizziness and upset stomachs. The right amount can provide the boost that we need to push ourselves to reach deadlines.

Acrylamide in Instant Coffee

Acrylamide is a chemical that poses elevated levels of risk to those who are exposed to it in high amounts. However, the amount of acrylamide you're exposed to via food sources should not be concerning. It is because the daily intake of acrylamide is significantly less than the threshold at which an increased risk of disease is likely. Coffee contains higher acrylamide levels than other foods that can lead to negative health effects due to its regular consumption.


Take Away!


As many people like to say, "A cup of coffee a day keeps the terrors away," and these claims seem to be backed by science. It seems that there are also many other benefits to this popular beverage than most coffee junkies might have guessed at first. This blog mentioned a few of them. Let us know in the comment what other benefits are and how you’ve experienced them.


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